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Adopt A City Task 2 and 3

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Task 2 - Start Recording your city's weather:

  1. What is your city's zip code? US Zip Codes

  2. Using the zip code and Weather Underground, find the current weather conditions and record in your "Adopted City Weather Log " handout.

  3. What is the latitude and longitude of your city? (You can find this on the weather website in the top right corner, after you put in your zip code)

  4. What time zone is your city in? Time Zone website

  5. Be sure to enter all this information in the spaces provided in your adopted city weather log.


Task 3 - Start Recording your city's astronomy data:

  1. On Weather Underground, scroll down to "Astronomy Data"  and record the Sunrise, Sunset, Day Length, and Moon Rise Data for Princeton, NJ and your adopted city.



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