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February Homework

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Notices Sent Home


  • Reading - read and respond to next reading assignment 
  • Reading - Read and respond to next reading assignment
  • Don't forget black bottoms and white tops for tomorrow! 
  • Reading - Read 9th Reading assignment, and complete journal entry to discuss in book clubs tomorrow
  • Word Study - Irregular Verb Crossword 
  • JW Course Forms - Fill out and return ASAP
  • Reading - Read 10th Reading assignment, complete journal entries
  • Writing - generate at least 2 fiction ideas from entries in your writer's notebook
  • Science - complete Glacier NearPod - PIN is CEUKN 
    • Go to nearpod.com and click "Join Session" then enter the PIN
  • Reading - Complete Book Club Quiz #3
  • Writing - Develop a character in Writers' Notebook
  • Math - Data projects are due Friday.   
  • Math - Data projects are due tomorrow.  Practice your presentations!
  • Writing - Write a scene that shows what your character's wants and struggles.
    • A template and an example are available for you in your Google Drive "From Mr. Ullman" folder 
  • Math (all classes) - Study Link 7-1 
  • Reading - Complete Book Recommendation Organizer 
  • Math (all classes) - Study Link 7-3
  • Reading - Complete Book Recommendation on Google Drive 
  • Writing - have at least 3 scenes drafted for tomorrow.   


January Homework

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