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My Brother is Annoying by Clara

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My Brother is Annoying

By Clara Corchero


     Many people may think that my brother is a normal thirteen-year-old boy. But during these ten almost eleven years I have come to realize that my brother is the most annoying person on Earth. He is annoying when he is obsessed with the PlayStation 3, when he gets my things without permission, and when he gets hurt or mad with me for no reason and he accuses me.

     My brother is annoying when he is obsessed with the PlayStation 3. When we finish dinner we want to see some TV, but my brother says, “No, please, I want to play a little more!” Usually a little bit for my brother is about 1 or 2 hours. So when we want to see television we can’t because he wants to play a little more. Since the TV that has channels we like my brother uses.

     My brother is annoying when he gets my stuff without my permission. For example when he takes my laptop and messes around with my email and my chat and he talks with his friends. When I ask him where my computer is he says, “Why would I know, I don’t touch your stuff.” Luis (my brother) I need it for my school work it is due tomorrow” So then I asked my mom she said, “Sorry honey I don’t know.” So I looked around by I couldn’t find it. Suddenly I thought I should ask my dad, because he always helps me. So I went to my dad’s office. So I asked him and he said, “Yes, I do know where it is. Luis wanted to check some cheats on your laptop for his Assassin’s Creed game. It is on his bed go get it.” So I ran to his room and caught him on Gamestop.com and facebook. That day I got really annoyed by him because he got my things without my permission.

     My brother is annoying when he does something wrong or he hurts himself and he accuses me. For example, one day I was in the balcony in our house and my brother was in the pool. He fell and the second he fell, he screamed, “CLARA, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” and I said, “Luis, don’t you see I’m like 10 yards away from you. “ He is a great liar. He lies so much.

     My brother is annoying for these reasons. My brother is annoying but I am sure your brothers or sisters are annoying, too. All brothers and sisters are annoying. You get on your nerves when they irritate you, right? Well I know that because my brother is annoying.

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