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My Brothers by Lauren

Page history last edited by Mr. Ullman 9 years, 9 months ago

My Brothers

By Lauren de Leon


     Some people think that having two older brothers is a walk in the park. Most of the time it is because they have never had two older brothers. Sometimes, I have to agree, it is kind of nice. Other times I couldn’t disagree more. My relationship with my brothers is complicated. Not only when they’re in a bad mood, but also when they want something and when I don’t see them for three weeks and all they want to do is hang out with friends.

     Over the summer my brother was in one particularly bad mood. My mom wouldn’t let him have her phone to take a picture of his abs. He got so mad that he threw a tantrum and ran upstairs into his room. I offered to play a game, but all I got was, “Scram you little twerp before you get hurt.” Sometimes I wish that my relationship with my brothers wasn’t complicated, but when my brothers are in a bad mood it always is.

     My brother Chris goes to Peddie, a boarding school. He is on the track team. He and my other brother Brian have team sweatshirts. The previous year Brian went there and when he graduated he gave his sweatshirt to me. It all started the day Chris came home for the weekend. The first words out of his mouth to me were, “Give me the sweatshirt.” At first, I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then I realized. By the tone of his voice that this was not something that he would give up. “It doesn’t even fit you! He gave it to ME! “ We argued on and on. To my disappointment, Chris won. This is jut one example of a time our relationship was difficult…when my brothers want something.

     Since Chris goes to Peddie, I don’t usually get to see him. Every time I see him I am overjoyed, until he wants to hang out with his SCHOOL FRIENDS! I really don’ understand this if he is spending with them everyday at school. One weekend he spent two days at a friend’s house and one day in N.Y. at a basketball game with his other school friends. When my brother comes to town our relationship is complicated.

     What I realize from this is that having two older brothers is NO walk in the park. Especially if the relationship is like mine.

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