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My Sister by Ella

Page history last edited by Mr. Ullman 9 years, 2 months ago

My Sister

By Ella Nadeau


     One might thing that if you have any older or younger sister she is a creep, brat, and annoying little bug all in one packet. I don’t. I’ve come to learn that my sister can be trustworthy, fun, and can make me less angry at myself. But if you leave her as a perfect angel in your mind, you will love your sister.

     My sister is really trustworthy. Whenever I need someone to spill my secrets to, I run to her. Whenever I’ve done something bad and feel really guilty, I run to her. Whatever my hopes are and whatever my dreams are, I run to her. She is so trustworthy that I feel happy whenever my sister is there. Once I tell my sister something I know it is safe. Because she is one of the trustworthy people I have ever met.

     Whenever I do my homework or do anything, whenever it is hard, I call my sister because she can make me less angry at myself. I have a bad habit of putting myself in “time out” and whenever I do, my sister comes and says to me, “Ella, you don’t need to be here. You have other stuff to do.” And that calms me down enough to get on with what I was doing. My sister can calm me down like a therapist. My sister can make me feel really relaxed.

     My sister is really fun. Sometimes I sit around twiddling my thumbs and watching the time go by. Other times I read. But sometimes I play with my sister. Those times are my favorite. We can play anything! Jump rope, hopscotch, and S. cargot. Even if it’s the most boring game ever, she makes it fun. One time we were playing a boring game of jump rope and out o nowhere my sister suggests that we tie the ropes to the rails and jump over. I was surprised because she never made it fun when we were arguing. Soon it kept happening again and again. I kept not arguing and soon I got used to it. That goes to show that my sister is fun.

     Once I started writing this essay I looked at all that I’d gathered and finally I felt a bell go off in my head. As I was writing I had many flashbacks of when I was young of my sister taking care of me and showing me the way. Once I got those I realized how much dumber I had become. I realized that all the bad acts had made my sister look mean. But now I know better.

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