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Henry Hudson

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The Journeys of Henry Hudson.kmz              Henry Hudson                                                

                                                                   by Anna Intartaglia 


Henry Hudson was also known as Hendrick Hudson.  He was born around 1565 and died in 1611 at the age of 46


An English explorer and navigator, He explored parts of the Arctic ocean and Northeastern North America.


His exact birth date is unknown but people believe he was born in London, England. His parents were William and Barbara Hudson,a wealthy couple His grandfather was also named Henry Hudson, Who along with Sebastian Cabot founded the Muscovy Company.


Little is known about Henry's early life, But he grew up by the sea and worked his way from cabin boy to ship captain.


Hudson married Katherine (her maiden name is unknown.) They had three sons Richard, John, and Oliver.


In 1607 his grandfathers company Muscovy, Hired Henry to find a northwest waterway from Europe to Asia.  He failed on all four voyages he took.  However on the first voyage in 1607 he discovered Jan Mayen Island off Greenland.  In 1608 he found Novay Zelmaoff Russia.  Henry  found areas rich with whales, he was also considered the grandfather of whaling.  The Muscovy Company decided to concentrate on whaling and ended their search for the northwest passage to China.


In 1609 The Dutch East India Company hired Henry to find the northwest passage but to go farther south.  On the ship called The Half Moon Henry sailed to Nova Scotia and then south.  He found what is now Hudson River and New York City.  Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and Hudson River were named after Henry.  He sailed into New York Harbor and noticed the large amount of rich land and peaceful Indians.  When he reported this news back to the people of Holland , many of the Dutch people left Holland to settle in the new land.


In 1611 on his last voyage aboard the ship called Discoverie, Henry attempted to sail farther north.  He was met by heavy ice in the water and bitter cold, but Henry Hudson was so determined to find the northwest passage that  he wanted to continue forward.  His crew was upset by this decision and held a mutiny.  Many of the crew members were criminals in England and not true sailors.  They took Henry, his son, and seven other crew members who were blind and sick from scurvy.  put them on a small open boat and set them out to die in Hudson Bay.


The Dutch East India Company was asked to care for Henry's widow and two other sons.


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