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Robert La Salle - Ines

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                                    Rene Robert Cavelier de la Salle

                               [ river explorer]


                                                    By: Inès Einsweiler





 Robert La Salle was born in 1643 and died in 1687. Robert la Salle was a french explorer.

 King Louis the XIV [the 14th] sent him to travel and explore from south Canada and sail  down the Mississippi River  and into the Gulf of Mexico. Robert La Salle was the first to travel from the bottom of the the Mississippi river  to the top of the river in 1682.

His mission was to establish fur-trade and explore routes along the river.He named the whole Mississippi Louisiana basin for the the king. La Salle declared it for France on April 9, 2011.

La Salle didn't just explore the Mississippi River, he also explored  Lake Michigan, Lake Erie,Lake Ontario and Lake Huron.

Ending in a disaster, La Salle tried building a settlement in the Southern Mississippi river Valley, but the proposition ended horribly.

 In the late 1667, La Salle traveled from France to Quebec, Canada. La Salle really wanted to find a water passage that flows from east and through North America.

La Salle left Montreal, Canada in July, 1669. He returned to Montreal in late 1670.

La Salle crossed the lakes: Lake Ontario,Lake Erie, and other lakes that we have not had many evidence of.


During 1671 through 1673, La Salle did tons of exploring trips.

In 1677, La Salle returned to France. There, he got permission from the king saying that he could explore the areas between Florida, Mexico, and Canada. In 1678, La Salle and his friend Henri De Tonty and others returned to Canada.






45 men or so and La Salle traveled back to the Mississippi River for an exploration [an expedition] in 1681.

On February 6, 1682 La Salle and the ship mates found the Mississippi River and sailed it down in canoes.

           On April 9, 1682 they found the Gulf of Mexico and build a cross there.


When they returned to Canada, they were all surrounded by illness and Indian attacks.

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