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Juan Cabrillo

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The voyages of Juan Cabrillo

Juan Cabrillo was born  between 1498 and 1500.In his earlier years he sailed for Havana and while in Mexico joined forces with Hernando Cortes. Later while in Guatemala he became one of the richest conquistadors by enslaving the natives and mining their gold. His life ended when sailing to San Salvador to make repairs ,he stepped out of his ship and splintered his shin on a jagged rock,which later developed gangrene,which is the rotting of skin tissues.He died on January 3 1543.


 Juan Cabrillo`s route started in July 27, 1542 from new Spain.After 2 months of being in uncharted waters he finally came to San Diego.A week or so later they came to Santa Catalina Island.When he arrived he saw a large group of armored natives which they later befriended.The expedition reached as far north as the Russian river but harsh weather caused them to turn back.Their ship was damaged ,causing  them to go to San Salvador which was the death place of him in 1543.


Some of the effects Juan Cabrillo had on the world was finding California. If it was not for him California might not have been found until another explorer decided to  go that route. He is well known in California as there are schools,streets, and even a stamp of him. Also in California there is Cabrillo day celebrated on the 28 of September.


Cabrillo's route is indicated by the reddish brown and light blue.




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