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Fernando Pizarro

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                                                                     Fernando Pizarro

                                                                        By Nikolai Styrkas



        Fernando was a great sailor. He had two journeys. His first journey, wasn't very successful. The queen of England gave money for his first journey.He didn't get a  a big crew or ship with that money. He sailed to Panama and came back with empty hands. the queen again gave money to Pizarro, but this time he got 160 men, a couple of horses and two ships. Pizarro gave half of his leadership to Bartolome Ruiz. While Pizarro was sailing at the coast of Ecuador Ruiz sailed to the Inca. Ruiz found gold and silver in the land, the Inca said they found the gold down south in a land of wonders.Meanwhile Pizarro landed on an island near Columbia. Mutiny was close. Pizarro's crew was annoyed by their leader.


       Soon Pizarro and his men set for Ecuador and Colombia. Accompanied by Ruiz they sailed down mangrove coast.Soon they anchored in Thebes. They were amazed. After that Pizarro landed in Panama and made a plan to conquest. he soon came back to Spain and showed the royals, the riches.


      After a year Pizarro he got his license to discover and conquest Peru.He sailed to Thebes and found it in ruins. He then started for Inca by foot.He soon got to the point where the next day he will get them. Pizarro and his crew were worried that night. The next day they met     ( the Incas and Pizarro ) and had war. The Incas had many peoplebut weak weapons, so finally, Pizarro won.


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