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Plot Mountain

Page history last edited by Mr. Ullman 8 years, 5 months ago

While the following image isn't the clearest, it shows the next step in developing your story, after you've developed a character.  Every story has a character that has a problem to solve, or somewhere to go.  As the character progresses up a mountain, things happen that get in the character's way of achieving his or her goal.  Here is what you need to develop the steps on the plot mountain:


  • The problem or situation your character must face (For example, my character gets seasick, and would like to be able to go on boats)
  • A reason why it's a problem  (For example, my character is invited to a party on a boat, and really wants to go)
  • An escalation to the problem; something that makes it worse (It's a really big party for his best friend, and everyone is going)
  • One or two failed solutions to the problem (Trying to stand on his parents' boat, taking Dramamine or ginger)
  • A resolution to the problem 



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