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Intolerable Acts Anna Adan And Elizabeth

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 Defintion - Several laws were sponsored by British Prime Minister Lord North and King George III enacted in 1774 in response to the Boston Tea Party



Laws more like punishments given by King George the 3rd for the colonies. He did this because he was angry about the Boston Tea Party. The Quakers said they wanted King George to stop the Intolerbale Acts


Some Of The Laws


- The administration of justice act

- The Boston Port Act

- When the boston port bill

-The Quartering Act


-The Quebec Act


-Massachusetts Government Act



this event took place in

- Prime Minister Lord North put the intolerable acts in action, while King George the 3rd made the intolerable acts because King George the 3rd was angry at the colonies for dumping his tea in the river, a time also known as the Boston Tea Party


-King George III made the Intolerable Acts more like a punishment to the colonies, rather than real laws made for the better good of the British people.



• Massachusetts Government Act became active on May 20, 1774. The British Governor was in charge of every town meeting in Boston. Boston could no longer self govern.


• The Quebec Act was made on May 20, 1774, This act reached the Canadian borders to cut off the western colonies of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Virginia.


Important people in the Intolerable act.         





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Not bad, guys...you need to give a little information about each of the acts contained in the Intolerable Acts

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