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Six Room Poetry Ideas

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Take a blank sheet of paper and divide it into six parts, or rooms.


Room Number 1: Think of something that you have seen outside that is amazing,

beautiful, interesting, or that has just stayed in your mind. Close your eyes and try

to see it as clearly as a photograph-notice all the details about it-and describe it as

accurately as you can in room number one. Don't think about writing a poem, just

try to describe your object as specifically as possible.


Room Number 2: In room number two, think about the same object/image, but

focus on the quality of light. For exampie: Is the sun bright? Or is it a dull, flat

day? Are there any shadows? If it's unclear what the light is like you might have

to use some poetic license and make it up. You can also describe colors.


Room Number 3: Picture the same object/image and focus only on the sounds.

Are there any voices? Rustling of leaves? Sound of rain? If it's silent-what kind

of silence? Empty? Lonely? Peaceful?


Room Number 4: Write down any questions you have about the image. Is there

anything you want to know more about? Or wonder about?


Room Number 5: Write down any feelings that you have about this same



Room Number 6: Look over the five rooms you have already created and select one

word, or a few words, a phrase, a line, or a sentence that feels important and

repeat it three times.


Click here to download an example of how a 6-room exercise can translate into a poem!



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