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Civil war A B C

Page history last edited by Leo 8 years, 2 months ago

Civil war A B C’s


a is for: ammunition bullets, cannonballs ,gunpowder

b is for: Benet a triangle shaped blade that was used for a lot of things

c is for: casualties wounded or dead


d is for: different ideas about slavery

e is for: Emancipation Proclamation this article was made to free slaves

f is for: flute players soldiers played the flute to keep the beat in the march


g is for: Gettysburg on of the major battles in

the civil war

h is for: high ground if you got the ground it was harder to shoot up than down

I is for: independence the confederates where fighting for independence


j is for: judgment the confederates judged the slaves by their skin

k is for: keep defending the union wanted to defend little round top

l is for: lee Lee was the head gen. for the confederates


m is for: major deaths there were over 2,oo deaths in the civil war

n is for: nothing left one point on little round top the union had ammunition

o is for: outlaws the confederates were outlaws in Gettysburg


p is for: president Abe had a lot to do with starting the civil war

q is for: quick win the union’s strategy was quick win

r is for: ranks officers had a rank the higher the rank the more power you had


s is for: surrender the confederates had to surrender the war

t is for: territories both sides had a divide line that marked the south and north

u is for: union the USA’s army was the union


v is for: Virginia some battles were fought there

w is for: war the civil war was the first American civil war

x is for: xenophobia if you hate or are afraid of Another race

y and z

y is for: young men most troops were young men

z is for: zero casualties in the first battle there were no casualties



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