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                             My First MLB Game


     SMACK!!! The sound of a ball being caught. "2 outs" said the public

anoser. Now batting for the Phillies Jimmy Rollins!!!

          My dad and i found tickets online at Phillies.com for seats in the front row behind the visitors dugout.I felt so lucky that 

my dad brought me to my first MLB game and sit in the front row! I looked at the jumbo screen and saw that there were no strikes or ball. The score was 3-1 Miami Marlins. 

     Before the first pitch I took some bites out of my cheese steak and drank some of my coke-a-cola."HAA" yelled the umpire.[that meant strike one.] I thought that that pitch was crazy fast! "HAA" yelled the umpire. [strike two]

     The last pitch,Jimmy Rollins hit a pop fly right above the catcher. Then he caught the ball. The inning was over still 3-1 Miami Marlins.

     the catcher still had the ball so my dad said "ask the catcher for the ball." So I stud up to start jumping and leaning over the dugout and said,"here,here"to the catcher.i reached out with two hands, then the catcher FLIPPED THE BALL TO ME!!! I reached out and caught it! My dad gave me a high five and said,"Nice Job!" I was smiling from ear

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