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                                                                                              By: Maggie Zhang





                   The smell of chlorine hit me like a punch in the gut. Swimmers, coaches, and parents buzzed around like bees in a hive.

                   My first reaction--"wow". That was the moment my heart started pounding, my palms started sweating, and my stomach started twisting into weird shapes like it was a glob of play-doh. Here I was. A little seven year-old girl, nervously mounting the starting block, about to compete with girls from all around New Jersey. Overwhelming.

                  As I was standing on the block, shivering like I was a featherless bird in the Arctic, I saw other girls looking confident and superior like they knew they were going to win. So I puffed up my chest and tried to look tough to. I did some stretches , and finally heard, "On your mark......BEEP," and I dove.

                  The freezing water gave me goosebumps all over. I could hear my teammates encouraging me as I came up to breathe. My heart was ready to pound right out of my chest, and my legs were already burning.but I was determined to win this race. I looked back behind me and saw the other girls right at my heels. I panicked and sprinted to the finish line breathing hard

                As I got out, my coach, Carolina handed me a towel."You were awesome out there!" she exclaimed

                "I was?" I thought.

                “Look!” Carolina said, pointing up to the scoreboard.

                I looked up. My jaw fell.

                LANE 5:        MAGGIE ZHANG:        1

               First place

               That night in bed, I thought about how nervous and insecure I was. How confident and prepared the other girls looked. I thought about my coach, teammates , and family cheering me on, congratulating me when they learned I had won.

              I knew then I was completely ready for my next meet.





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