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Goldi the Fish

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Goldi the Fish


            Dead. That’s the word that perfectly describes Goldi now.

     My brother and I shared Goldi. Just looking at that fish you could tell why we named him that. Goldi was special to everyone who knew him. Goldi lived a long, happy life for a fish. Goldi couldn't ever be recreated.

      When Goldi was young, he wasn't hideous or unusual looking, he just looked average. No stripes or anything.

     Soon Goldi started getting faint gold stripes. As time went on, they got bolder and bolder. Everyone noticed them. They were as bold as a bright yellow tree in a desert.

      One weekend, we decided to visit our cousins up at their lake house for Memorial Day. We gave Goldi extra food as we had done many times before. I still never liked the idea though. I asked my brother, "Are you sure this is okay?" He was sure. I pulled up the handle of my suitcase and walked down the stairs with a queasy feeling in my stomach.

      When we came back from our cousins’ lake house, I went upstairs to check on Goldi. When I went into my brother’s bedroom, I saw Goldi on the surface of the water, upside down. I went to tap on the tank. Tap, tap, tap. “Goldi,” I whispered. Goldi didn’t move, not the slightest breath. I felt a big CRACKLE run through my heart. I knew Goldi was dead.

       I picked up the tank, and went into the bathroom. I emptied the water down the drain, and then buried Goldi in our backyard, after reciting the Kaddish. Goldi was the best fish we ever had. It was hard to imagine that he was now he was dead.


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