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Adopt a City - Chicago

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Chicago, IL


By Roger Palmer




 Where Chicago is located:


 Below is a geographical map of Chicago, Illinois, a city located on the southern part of Lake Michigan, in the Great Lakes region of the United States.  The city of Chicago lies in the Chicago Plain; a flat, broad area with no mountains or forests.  There are some sand dunes that run along the lake.  Some of the towns near Chicago are Highland Park, Evanston and  Wilmette. It is the most important city in the Midwestern USA. All of the land in Illinois is completely flat. 






Chicago's Climate:


Chicago lies within the humid continental zone and has the nickname, "The Windy City", because of the wind that comes off of Lake Michigan. Winters are cold, snowy, and windy with some sunny days. Summers are hot and humid. Spring and autumn are mild seasons with low humidity.

There can be extreme winter cold waves and summer heat waves, but Lake Michigan also makes the area near the shore slightly warmer in the winter and cooler in the summers.



Analysis for The graph of Chicago:


 This graph indicates a big change in temperature.  The High Temperature starts at about 39 degrees on November,13th.  Then it keeps rising until on the twenty fifth, when the High Temperature drops about thirty degrees. The Low Temperature does the same.  It starts at 27 degrees, then keeps rising to 46 degrees on the twenty first. Then it drops about 20 degrees. There is not a big difference between the Low temperature and the High temperature. 


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