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Nashville, TN

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                                                       Nashville, Tennessee
                                                            by Evan Wang


Nashville, Tennessee's Location: 
Nashville is located in the northern parts of Tennessee, in the Appalachian Mountains as shown from the map below:

Fact: This small map allows you to see where Tennessee is located so you can check if it is in the Appalachian Mountains.












                                                  This is a chart showing the high and the low temperatures of Nashville, Tennessee
                                                  during the month of November in Fahrenheit.Also if you look at the chart it might give 
                                                  you an idea of the climate temperature during November. The High Temperature seems to be 
                                                  much warmer during the beginning of the month but gets colder starting at 11/21/12. The 
                                                  Low Temperature though, seems to stay in between 50 degrees F and 35 degrees F. However 
                                                  it seems that the biggest difference appeared on 11/21/12.         


Landforms near Nashville, Tennessee:
Nashville, Tennessee has some mountains and highlands as it is in the Appalachian mountains. The Mountains causes the air to rise, causing it to cool down and causing 
percipitation( rain or snow if it is freezing).


Year-Round climate of Nashville, Tennessee:
During Janurary the average temperature is 36.2, which is expected as it is the Winter. During Febuary the average is 40.4, getting warmer since it is getting closer to Spring. 
During March the average is 50.2, as it is Spring. During April the average is 59.2, because it is approaching Summer. During May the average is 67.7, since it is approaching
Summer. During June the average is 75.6, as it is the Summer. During July the average is 79.3, since it is the middle of Summer. During August the average is 78.1, 
since it is approaching Fall. During September the average is 71.8, as it is Fall. During October the average is 60.4, as it is the middle of Fall. During November
the average is exactly 50 degrees, since it is the last month before Winter. During December the average is 40.5, as it is the beginning of winter.  



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