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Cameron Weather

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Cleveland, Ohio

Cameron Gray





Landforms at City's Location: 

Cleveland, Ohio is on the landform called the Centeral Low Lands.  The biggest geographical feature is Lake Erie.

Lake Eire is 9,940 square feet and 62 feet deep!  This lake effects the weather because it adds moister to the air.

This brings snow or rain to the area.  One more geographical feature is the Allegheny Mountins. Rain and snow

linger over Cleveland because the Allegheny Mountains keep the storms from going inland.






Climate Information:

Cleveland, Ohio is in the northern climate zone with cold winters and warm summers.

Cleveland has all four seasons.  Because of Lake Erie there is a lot of snow in winter averaging

over 55 inches per year. Princeton gets more rain than cleveland but cleveland gets two times as much snow.








November Weather:

Thank you for seeing my project!!!





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Lydia said

at 5:34 pm on Dec 11, 2012

You might want to fix it from saying February weather

Cameron said

at 9:34 pm on Dec 17, 2012

thank u! i almost sent it to Mr.Ullman but i read your comment.

Cameron said

at 9:45 pm on Dec 17, 2012

Dear Mr.Ullman, i think i sent u my report.The name of it is Cleveland weather report. please write back soon. sincerely, Cameron Gray

Melanie said

at 11:36 pm on Dec 17, 2012

you might want to fix it from cleveland ohio to Cleveland, Ohio

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