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buffalo Buffalo, New York Wheather


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Landforms at City's Location: 

What landform is your city located in?  What other geographical features are nearby?



Buffalo is fairly humid and continental type climate but do to the great lakes it changes the seasons making spring and fall very brief.


The lakes also effect the winds more snow and rain. 







What is the general climate like in your city?  Are there different seasons?  What are they like? 


Buffalo  does experience all four seasons.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Winter:  Is very cloudy, cold and snowy.  The grounds are covered with snow from mid December to end of March.

Spring:  This season comes slowly to Buffalo and the ice on Lake Erie does not melt until April

Summer:  Is great,  Buffalo is the driest and sunniest of any major city in thn North East

Autumn:  Is very brief,  Buffalo will start to see Frost as early as late September or Mid October 








November Weather:


temperatures are getting colder for buffalo as we get more into the Winter. yes, the temp. do drop considerable during the night. There sometimes can be a difference of 20 to 30 degrees between  day and night.






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