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Boulder,Co Jonathan

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Boulder, CO


Boulder is located in Colorado (where the red star is located).




Landforms at City's Location: 

Boulder, Colorado is located in the Rocky Mountains landform.  There are a number of falls near Boulder.  Some are Boulder Falls, Timberline Falls, and Trio Falls.  In addition to falls a number of lakes are close to Boulder.  Some are Allens Lake, Rock Lake, and King Lake.  Some mountains are Burnt Mountain, there are 2 mountains close too Boulder that are both named Bald Mountain.  







Climate Information:

Boulder, Colorado is usually a warm dry place.  Boulder's seasons include summer, spring, winter, and fall.  Summer is very hot and dry.  In spring many wildflowers bloom all over the place.  However in winter cold frost sweeps the city and brings cold weather including snow and hail. In fall temperatures are moderate.









November Weather:

Flag of Colorado:

The white in Colorado's flag represents the snow capped mountains, the red represents the red soil, the blue represents the blue skies, the yellow represents the golden sun.








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