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Melanie's Miami Project

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Miami: A Brief Report

Welcome to my Adopt-a-City Final Project.  My city is Miami, Florida. I selected this location because I loved my trip to Florida years ago and I have family members who live there.



Below are maps showing my city’s location and state:

Landforms at city’s location:


Miami is located in Florida, which is peninsula (a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water). The city is in the Coastal Plains, west of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Miami River. The city has many tropical storms but is partially protected by Miami Beach. Summers are very humid.



General Climate:


Miami has a tropical climate.  The city has four seasons.  As stated before, Miami has very humid summers.  It is best to visit in the winter because winter there is as if it were spring or fall here.


Summer: Very hot and humid

Fall: As if it were summer in Princeton, nice breeze and sunshine

Winter: Cool, as if it were fall in Princeton

Spring: Pretty warm, as if summer here


Graph of temperatures during November in Miami:

The graph shows considerable differences between temperatures during the day and temperatures at night. The average high temperature in Miami during November is normally around 80°F. The average low temperature in Miami during November is normally around 70°F.













A little bit more about Miami...

Flag of Miami:






Nicknames: “Magic City”, “The Gateway to the Americas”


Other Facts:

In 2010, Miami was ranked seventh in the USA for finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, education, and other things too.


The city been ranked as the richest state in America, and cleanest state in America.

Downtown Miami and South Florida are both home to lots of international bank.

The Port of Miami has been named “The Cruise Capital of the World”



Miami is the 42nd largest city in the USA. It’s population is around 408,500 people.


In Relation to Princeton...

Miami is in the very southern part of Florida and is about 1,200 miles primarily south and slightly west of Princeton. It would take 2-3 hours to fly from Newark Airport to Miami Airport and approximately 15-20 hours to drive a car from Princeton to Miami.
































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