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kentucky's temperature

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                                                                                                           Louisville, KY









  Landform at city location.



  What  Landform is your  city in. what other goegrahi  features are near by.                                                                                                                                                                

             Louisville, Kentucky is located at  the  Falls  of the Ohio  Falls.

The Cumberland (or Appalachian) Plateau dominates the eastern third of Kentucky. It's a heavily forested area of hills and mountains, and contains the state's highest point, Black Mt., at 4,139 ft. 

The Bluegrass Region (north-central) is a series of rolling hills and meadows. It gets its colorful name from bluegrass, the common name for lawn and pasture grass in parts of the eastern United States. 

Northwestern Kentucky is hilly land bordered by the Ohio River. It's often referred to as the Western Coal Field because of the large coal deposits in the area. 

Climate information .

What  is the Genaral climate like in your city.  Are thier  different season.  what are they like.The area  within 25 miles of  station  is coverd  by forest . 37% ,croplands ,18% , built   up  areas 8%.


November Weather



           Louisville Temp.





FLag Of Kentucky.



        United we stand ,  Divided we fall ,   means  unless people united , it is easy  to destroy them.


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