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Making an Outline

Page history last edited by Mr. Ullman 7 years, 5 months ago

In class we talked about how an outline can help organize your thinking.  It should be set up like this:


Put your working title at the top - Whatever you think the title of your project is going to be

Write down a "guiding statement" - What do you want your readers to know after reading your book?

I. First main topic

A. Subtopic one (a fact or idea that supports your main topic)

B. Subtopic two

II. Second main topic




And so on...think of each Roman numeral as a "Box" where you put your main idea, and each letter as a "bullet" where you put some supporting information.


Here are some links to help you further:

This is a site that teaches how to make an outline...it has you doing research first.  We're going to do research next.



This is a site that you can type your information in and it will generate an outline for you


Text2Mindmap turns an outline into a mind map that you can print out or save




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